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The City of Minnetonka's Planning Commission recently sent out a notice that the public is welcome to a 
Public Meetng: about the Ridgedale Vision Plan.


When: Tuesday March 10th, 2015
Where: Minnetonka Community Center

6:00  p.m. Community Room

14600 Minnetonka Blvd.

Minnetonka, MN 55345

Click here to see the whole notice.


On January 21st the City of Minnetonka held a meeting at the Ridgedale Library to discuss their Vision Plan with over one hundred neighbors. The Mayor and two council persons were there to answer questions about the plan with special concerns about the new 6 story high Highland Bank that was recently approved and the added traffic that it will bring.


To learn more about it see their links on their Minnetonka website at


Here is a link to the Highland Bank Redevelopment Plan


We will try to keep you posted about any future meetings that are scheduled.

Bill Jepson


Here is a summary of the issue by SF neighbor Whitney Frisch who attended the meeting along with Andy Anema and myself. 


The main issue is the Highland bank redevelopment.  It has been approved as a 5 story building and it is totally out of character for the area (height wise) and it will add more traffic to an already congested area.  I guess there were a few meetings about this-that I was not aware of-and neighbors to the north were VERY vocal about their disapproval of the project.  It was originally rejected, the builder made a slight modification (lowered it by 3 feet-whoopee) and the council said yes.  Needless to say, people are upset, don't trust the council and are very concerned that the whole area will be turned into a concrete jungle with additional buildings all of that same height and more traffic.  I am very opposed to having it look like France Ave and surrounding area of Edina.  I think it absolutely must be revitalized -but lets do it tastefully.  

The vision for the Ridgedale Mall  area actually looks great - lots of green space, trails, lower level buildings.  I am all for it.   But considering what the council did with the bank, the reality does not match the vision.  We need more neighbors to voice their concerns and not re-elect those that are not supporting our voice.  Tony Wagner voted for the Highland Bank

Chili Fest - Sat. March 14th 2015 at Lakeview Lane (Circle)

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