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This is an aerial map of Sherwood Forest in the 1970s.

Maps of Sherwood Forest Minnetonka MN


On this page we will showcase maps and aerial photographs of Sherwood Forest.

Click on the above map and it will open a large navigable map (in PDF format) which was purchased from the City of Minnetonka in 2012. It includes all

of our property lines and the names of the mortgage holders. 

The aerial photograph below was taken by a pilot who lived on Park Ridge Drive in the 1970s. It shows Lakeview Circle in the bottom right, Park Ridge Drive above that, and Sherwood Hills Road in the upper right, as the view is to the southwest. It is the only photo that we still have from him.

1959 Lot Map with mortgage owners before it was incorporated into Sherwood Hills.


There are many historic aerial photos from 1937 till now that are available for free at the MNHAPO - Minnesota Historical Aerial Photography site. Here is one from 1957.

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