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Past Events and Projects in Sherwood Forest

First Annual Spring Pizza Ride!


2021 Hockey Rink Season on the Twin Ponds

Lucy Getz and her husband made an ice rink for their kids on the East Pond this past winter. They are hoping more neighbors will join them next year for more winter fun!


There is a long 30 year tradition of ice rinks, with boards too, dating back to the 1960s and 70s as told here by Ethan Laub.

hockey 2.jpg
hockey 4.jpg
hockey 1.jpg
Project 1. Rebuilding the SF Sign

Here is a GIF slideshow of a group of Sherwood Forest volunteers who rebuilt the entrance sign last May 2014, which was destroyed by cold and old age (1950s). 

We purchased the slab of New York Bluestone from Hedberg in Plymouth with the generous contributions of our neighbors. Notable contributiors were Steve Freie whose Bobcat lifted the 400 LB slabs in place, Clem Moore who helped with the wiring, and Tim Pickford who re-inserted the original aluminum letters. For the complete slidshow of the SF sign project click here.

Project 2. Removing Mustard Weed and Buckthorn

This is a seemingly never-ending project to minimize the proliferation of these two invasive species which have taken over many areas of Sherwood Forest.

To learn more about them and to see how you can help, please visit our Environment page. There is an Environmental Committee which you could join as well.

Project 3. SF History Presentation

We are currently compiling a history of Sherwood Forest. We have the history of the Sherwood Hills Road area presented by early resident Ron Vagemast in Sept 2013. And we want to combine it with the rest of Sherwood Forest's history and present it to the public at the Ridgedale Library some time in 2015. If you would like to help please call Bill Jepson at 952 693 1125.

More details are on our SF History page

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