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Crime Alerts - PSA Announcements - Map


This page will keep you abreast of crime alerts issued by the Minnetonka Police Department and others reported by association member households.


Minnetonka Police Link


  Jeff Sebenaler                              Marianne Catapano

      Chief of Police                           Administrative Assistant 

952.939.8500                                  952-939-8500




Minnetonka has its own 9-1-1 public safety answering point, providing emergency assistance for police, medical and fire requests.


Marv Solberg

9-1-1 Center Supervisor




RAIDS Online Interactive Crime Mapping


Crime Alert

January 28, 2016


Public Service Announcement

September, 2015


Public Service Announcement

May, 2015


Minnetonka Crime Statistics





The sad truth in this day and age is that criminals will take advantage of anyone leaving their homes or vehicles unsecured. Notify trusted neighbors of your vacation plans, stop mail and newspapers. 


A garage door opener left in a vehicle parked outside can be like leaving a key to your house in plain sight … most home have doors into the house in the garage - and locked or not - can be more vulnerable.


Click on the map below to access an interactive map covering the entire City of Minnetonka showing Police Incident Mapping Locations and details regarding criminal activity during the past 90 days.

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