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Sherwood Forest Association Officers

On Friday, May 6, 2022, the following individuals were elected by the membership present at our annual meeting to serve as officers of the Sherwood Forest Association for a two-year term. 

President      Ethan Adam       Ph: 612-597-3785

V. President   Bill Jepson         Ph: 612-860-9587

Secretary       Christie Boeder  Ph: 612-845-4509
Treasurer       Christie Boeder  Ph: 612-845-4509

We hold an annual Sherwood Forest Meeting at the Ridgedale Library usually in May to discuss any concerns about Sherwood Forest that we would like to address.

Here are the minutes from some of our past meetings.

Annual Meetings Minutes.

Environment Team

Sharon Whiting


Ethan Laub


Andy Anema


Amy Norelius



Crime Alert Team

Darlene Berzins 


Whitney Frisch                 


Wayne Bren                        

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