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Kids Corner



Check out the new movie from our Sherwood Forest neighbor LEXI BOECKMANN !  
This one is entitled  "Girl Scout on the Death Star - Star Wars".

Watch as she battles Darth Vador and Emperor Palpatine with a light saber!





































A friendly dinosaur movie made by a Sherwood Forest neighbor Lexi Boeckmann last year,
entitled "Dino Daydream"


A little girl's dream about having a dinosaur as a pet

Click these links or the pictures to see the movies.


The Fairy Tree by twin ponds.

Neighbors Night Out Parade 2014

Sherwood Forest kids at the Neighborhood Night Out 2014

Fourth of July Parade 2013



Greg Odell - Chicken and Bee Keeper
















Video 1                                                                                                 Video 2

Greg describes how to raise chickens.                                                      Greg describes how to raise bees






Will Fifer - Biking across America - 





























































































David Holmes - Artist with many interesting Creations

Including this snow sculpture of Mt. Rushmore which captured the attention of national news.  Sun Sailor article

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