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Sherwood Forest News

(In chronological order scrolling down from here.)

Sherwood Forest - Upcoming Events

FINAL Bike Ride flyer  SFA 2023 FINAL.jpg

           Minnetonka 'Night to Unite'
will be held this year on Tuesday August 1st.

   It's a fun gathering for all ages as our Minnetonka Fire Dept. joins us
   with their 
trucks for the kids to climb on. 'Night to Unite' is
   held every year to promote community safety.

   It's usually at Lakeview Circle at 6PM. Volunteers bring potluck food too.
   Here are some photos from past events.


Sherwood Forest - Past Events

Sherwood Forest Association Annual Meeting

Sunday May 7th
from 4 to 6pm
at Lakeview Circle

00 SFA mtg May 2023.jpg

Sherwood Forest Association

00 fb.jpg
000 SFA mtg May 2023.jpg

4th Annual Sherwood Forest
Halloween Parade & Bonfire Gathering!

Will be held this year on
Saturday October 28th 2023 from 4PM to 6PM

The parade will start at 5pm at "the Big Rock" by the "front pond".

Kids in costumes enjoyed candy treats around the big circle.
Neighbors brought snacks, beverages and chairsfor a social gathering afterwards

with a bonfire between the twin ponds!

(Below is last years flyer)
Halloween 2022.jpg

Annual Turkey Trot
Thanks to the 12th Annual SF Turkey Trot participants in 2022!

Sponsored every year by Aimee and Greg.
The walk/run starts at Lakeview Lane W (Circle) 

every Thanksgiving morning at 9AM
and raises money for ICA/Food Shelves


Past Turkey Trot group photos

Third Annual Sherwood Forest Sing and Skate Party
will be held on December 16th 2023 from 7PM to 9PM

at the twin ponds by Lakeview

Bonfire, Hot Chocolate, Christmas Carols
Bring chairs, snacks and beverages

00 Xmas Carols and Skating.jpg
Christmas Caroling Gathering SF Dec 2021 various shot.jpg
Christmas Caroling Gathering SF Dec 2021 group shot.jpg
Christmas Caroling Gathering SF Dec 2021 skating shot.jpg
Christmas Caroling Gathering SF Dec 2021 sing shot.jpg

Sherwood Forest - Past Events

Every May we have our Annual SFA Meeting and Spring Fest at Lakeview circle.
Here are some photos of the event. Click here to read a PDF of the minutes of the meeting.

Annual Meeting - SFA 2022.jpg

Thanks to Wayne Bren, who is retiring from volunteering 
as treasurer of SFA after twenty years of dedicated service.

Welcome to Ethan Adam, (long time Sherwood Forest resident), as our new President of SFA.

00 FINAL - Pizza Ride SFA 2022.jpg

Come join your neighbors every May for a bike ride along the creek to Station Pizza

Hilloway Garden 2.jpg

Thanks to our good neighbors Craig and Kim Agneberg who volunteer to plant a beautiful garden around the Hilloway Park sign every year!

   Minnetonka 'Night to Unite' is held every year on the 1st Tuesday in  August.

After a year's hiatus because of Covid it was a fun gathering for all ages as two Minnetonka Fire trucks joined us. Night to Unite is held every year to promote community safety, usually at Lakeview Circle.
Volunteers bring potluck food too. Here are some photos.



The 5th Annual Jim Couling 

Sherwood Forest Golf Event 2015


Who:         Any Sherwood Forest Resident, please forward to your neighbors!

When:       Saturday, September 26th .....shot-gun start, starting at 3 p.m. for a 9-hole scramble
Where:      Orono Golf Course -  265 Orono Orchard Rd S, Orono, MN   55391


Established in 1959, the Sherwood Forest Association mission is to enhance the livability and community cohesiveness of the Sherwood Forest neighborhood, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The neighborhood is comprised of more than 265 homes within the Sherwood Forest, Timberline (Fox Hills) and Hilloway Park areas.


We are currently compiling a history of Sherwood Forest. We have the history of the Sherwood Hills Road area presented by early resident Ron Vagemast in Sept 2013. And we want to combine it with the rest of Sherwood Forest's history and present it to the public at the Ridgedale Library some time in 2015. If you would like to help please contact us. More details are on our History page. 


We strive to provide resources for our neighbors which will help them communicate with each other and strengthen our ability to maintain a safe and beautiful neighborhood. And also so that our residents can learn more about their environment and history of our land, and what they can do to help.

Get Involved

In addition to our website, you now have two new ways to keep in touch with what is going on in our neighborhood or to share some news of your own! 

  • Facebook    We now have an official facebook page!  Search "Sherwood Forest Association" and like us to stay updated on upcoming events.

  • Twitter   Follow us on Twitter for neighborhood alerts @ForestNeighbors.

City Planning

On January 21st 2015 the City of Minnetonka held a meeting at the Ridgedale Library to discuss their Vision Plan with over one hundred neighbors. The Mayor and two council persons were there to answer questions about the plan with special concerns about the new 6 story high Highland Bank that was recently approved and the added traffic that it will bring.
There is more information in our Announcements here.


Or on the Minnetonka website at

Latest Project

In May 2014 the whole Sherwood Forest neighborhood pulled together to donate the funds and rebuild the iconic Sherwood Forest Entrance sign.  It had broken apart from the cold of the previous winter after having stood there on Hopkins Crossroad since the 1950s. See Projects page.

Please Join Us !

If you would like to become a member of SFA:


Membership dues support maintenance and general improvements of common areas, neighborhood events, seminars, communications, including entrance utilities, association supplies and expenses. Your membership sustains the association, gives you a voice and a vote and provides a collective voice on issues affecting our neighborhood.               Residential association membership dues are voluntary.



  • Property owners of Sherwood Forest, Timberline (Fox Hills) and the Hilloway area.

  • A membership in good standing is a property owner household who has paid dues for the current fiscal year.

  • Effective May 2009 membership dues are $20.00 to join and $20.00 annually for each consecutive year thereafter, per household membership.

Voting Rights

  • Each household membership is entitled to one vote at any annual or special meeting of the association. Must be present to vote.


Please fill out the Sherwood Forest Association Membership Form

2023-2024  Membership Form


You may pay membership dues by sending your form and payment to:


Sherwood Forest Association, Inc.
11919 Hilloway Road W.

Minnetonka, MN 55305-2513

or by using the

PayPal button below

Sherwood Forest Association, Inc.                                    
Phone: (612) 845-4509

11919 Hilloway Road W.                                                       

Minnetonka, MN 55305-2513                                 

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