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  • Change in board members: Wayne Bren retired from 18 years as Treasurer.

    • Christie Boeder has stepped in as the new Treasurer. She also handles our Constant Contact emailer to disseminate SFA and other news and information of interest to residents.

    • Bill Jepson moved from President to Vice President. Bill also maintains our SFA website and helps plan and organize various social events.

    • Ethan Adam is new President of SFA also assists in marketing and event planning/coordination.

  • SFA would like to express its thanks and appreciation to several volunteers: Jay Jolstad for landscaping maintenance, Amy Norelius for entrance plantings and to the Tom and April Jackson for donated event signage!

  • Jack Guggenheim will be mowing this summer for SFA. Thank you, Jack

  • Treasurer Report: See back of agenda.

  • Membership Dues for 2023 are requested, mailing to be sent shortly but checks can be turned in anytime.

  • We would like to coordinate a Buckthorn Pull/Kill for the front and back ponds. Looking for people to volunteer and help coordinate. Thanks to Jay Jolstad for taking on this project last year behind and around the “Big Rock.”

  • Ethan is proposing that the Association have the front and back ponds cleared of algae/duck weed with Aquacide. This product does NOT harm wildlife. Info provided.

  • NOTE: Please keep speed down to 20 MPH, lots of walkers, runners and bikers use our very curvy streets.

  • A Sherwood Forest History Event has been proposed. This would be a live verbal, photographic overview of our area that began to be developed in 1941, including some fun and interesting stories from the past. Our SFA was initially started in 1956, according to old records. Bill Jepson will lead this effort.

  • Please ask guests and service trucks to park in your driveway as our streets are narrow - especially if you live on a curve.

  • Reminder: Trash and Recycling barrels are to be kept out of sight or in your garage until night before pick-up. This is a Minnetonka ordinance.

  • Upcoming social events:

    • Pizza Wheel bike ride to Minnetonka Mills and Station Pizza. Saturday, May 20th (DATE CHANGE), Noon, Details TBA

    • Annual Neighborhood Night-to-Unite - August 1, 2023 location Lakeview Lane W. Details TBA

    • Watch for this year’s Halloween Parade and Bon Fire Saturday October 28. Details TBA

    • Annual Turkey Trot Thursday, November 23, Details TBA

    • Sing & Skate Christmas/Holiday Caroling on Saturday, December 16, 7 p.m. More details TBA

  • Opportunity for Neighborhood concerns or questions. Any other events that people would like to see added?

Minutes from the meeting, as reported by Ethan Adam, President:

We had a nice turn out of about 20 people. The Association provided snacks and lemonade. And we also had purchased a Corn Hole game that was set that up which attending kids enjoyed. Lots of good discussions:

I reminded those in attendance that "Sherwood Forest" includes, Hilloway area all the way to Plymouth Road, and the "Fox Hills" / Timberline Road area and please do invite any of your neighbors that live in the area. Even the Fetterly Road area neighbors are welcome. We had one person from there joining the SF membership!

  • Bike Trail update on Hopkins CrossRoad/73; Power Lines and telephone lines will start being buried this summer and a gas main replacement will begin on 5/15/23. The trail will be on the East side of 73 and there will be a crosswalk added from our side of 73 just a few feet North of the Sherwood Forest.  Construction of the trail will start in May 2024 and will run from Cedar Lake Road up to the South Wayzata frontage road next to 12/394. More information available on site.

  • Crane Lake now has a Gazebo just East of Nordstrom’s and North of the Sheraton Hotel.

  • I propose that we add our website URL on the back of the slate Sherwood Forest sign that could be seen when exiting the neighborhood.

  • I spoke on the Buckthorn "Pull/Kill" around the ponds area. 8 people volunteered. Date TBD. Ethan suggested that we purchase a Buckthorn Puller. Some members suggested that we borrow one from the city to see how they like it and understand how to use it. I will try and coordinate this with our pull event.

  • Ethan asked if anyone would like to add any events, like a SFA family picnic. It seems that the Neighborhood Night-To-Unite (August 1st) will suffice for now, which is the first Tuesday in August every year. 

  • Sabrina Harvey spoke on the Buckthorn clean up and more restoration efforts of the Hilloway Park Forest. She went into detail about this. You may contact the website for more information at or Email them at There also is a Facebook page for ‘Friends of Hilloway Park’ with more info, and lots of before and after photos.

  • We provided membership forms and welcome letters. Yearly membership forms will be mailed shortly for the upcoming year.

  • Financial details were available, we are meeting the current SFA expenses (electricity/website/email/common area landscape maintanence)

  • It was suggested that SFA offer Paypal or Venmo as a means of payment for dues. (We will look into that option)

Reminder to everyone that neighbors may contact the SFA board members via email and can find our contact info on!

  • Timberline Tennis Court owner has offered the property to the City as a donation for a Minnetonka park/playground. There will be a one-time informational meeting to discuss this on Wednesday May 17 5:30 PM at the Minnetonka Community Center, Minnehaha Room. (One neighbor suggested that the city make it a community swimming pool) Please attend this meeting if you'd like to give your input.

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