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                                     Agenda for Annual Sherwood Forest Association Meeting on May 6th, 2022
SFA President Bill Jepson:
Welcome to our Annual Sherwood Forest Association Meeting for 2022.
First let’s talk about some upcoming SFA events for you to be aware of.
Then we will go over our financial report with Wayne Bren and nominate a new President of SFA with Ethan Adam, who will finish off with discussion of some other Sherwood Forest Issues.
Sherwood Forest Association Social events 2022:

Pizza Wheels Family Bike Ride to Station Pizza and Minnehaha Creek 
on Sat. May 21st  4PM – 6PM

Halloween Parade - Oct 30 (Sunday)  4:00 pm walk around "the circle" starting at the Big Rock walking down Park Ridge Drive around thru Live Oak Drive.  
Night to Unite – August 2nd  (Tuesday) 6PM at Lakeview Circle
Sherwood’s Got Talent Art Fair – August 20-21 Present your art or craft to sell or just to show off. (details to follow)
Thanksgiving Day "Turkey Trot" Nov. 24th (Thursday) 9:30 am walk starting at Greg and Aimee’s on Lake View Lane going up "Devils Hill" on Hilloway Rd and through Byrnes Forest Park. 
Sing and Skate Holiday Event - December 17 (Sat): Hot cocoa, caroling, and skating at the twin ponds ice rink.

Current Sherwood Forest Financial Report
Wayne Bren treasurer – see Financial Report handouts
Sherwood Forest Association Board Member changes:
Thanks to Wayne for his 18 years of service as Treasurer for SFA:
On behalf of the Board, we would like to express our appreciation to Wayne Bren, our SFA Treasurer who will be stepping down after 18 years of faithful service. We all appreciated his steady guidance with good financial advice throughout his tenure.
Nominations for Treasurer and vote.
Proposal for SFA President to change from Bill Jepson to Ethan Adam.
and Vice President to change from Ethan Adam to Bill Jepson.
Objections? If not, then make a motion to adopt this change in SFA Board positions  
Vote on new President of Sherwood Forest Association to be Ethan Adam
Nominations for Vice President and vote.
SFA Vice President – Ethan Adam:
>Aquacide for pond(s) 
>Speed in the neighborhood is 20 Mph please keep it slow.
>Please do not allow your guests to park on the curves as it is dangerous...encourage friends to park in your driveway if possible. Our streets are narrow.
>Need different people to cut the grass in the common areas (lower Forest areas by ponds). Volunteers or nominations?
Special Thanks To:
Wayne Bren who has been secretary for 18+ years!
Amy Norelius for the flowers and seasonal displays in the planters at the Main Entrance off of Co. Rd 73!
Jay Jolstad for buckthorn removal behind the "big rock and down to the east end of the front pond!
Steve Freie:(sp ?) for repairing the stone work on the south monument!
Mowers in the common areas: 
Andy Anema, Ethan Adam, Jay Jolstad

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